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Membership Employees Switzerland


  • Creating the best possible working conditions
  • Sustain permanent employability
  • Negotiation, implementation and monitoring of collective employment agreements

Attractive services

  • Legal advice and protection
  • Massive reductions for training courses and further education
  • Reduced fees for health insurance and other insurances

Member fee

  • Individual members of all branches incl. members working in the machine industry without solidarity card pay CHF 150.- per year.
    Individual members working in the machine industry with solidarity card pay CHF 260.- per year. After handing in their solidarity card, they will receive a reimbursement of CHF 170.- (refund solidarity card: CHF 60.- and financial contribution: CHF 110.-). Net amount is CHF 150.-.
  • Pensioners pay 60 CHF per year. This fee is only available if the membership has been continued without interruption after retirement.
  • Apprentices/trainees (to 26 years) pay 30 CHF per year.
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Advocate and voice of the employees

Results and Partnership - the mission statement of Employees Switzerland

Advocate and Voice of the Employees

In an constantly changing working environment it is our task to advocate for the employees from the middle classes.

Employees Switzerland - the service and competence centre

  • We act in the interest of our members. We advocate for their rights and we counsel them in all issues concerning their working environment.
  • We are a constructive and reliable partner vis-à-vis our member organizations as well as vis-à-vis all other stakeholders in the labor market.
  • We are the core of a network. The network consists of our members, our member organizations, players in the labor market and other interested groups. We bring them together, we cooperate and we debate - to the point and with respect for each other.
  • We anticipate trends in the working world. Thus we can support our members actively and specifically with modern services and offers.
  • We engage in opinion making. In doing so we are totally independent of ideologies as well as interests of political parties or organizations.
  • We lobby for the employees and the middle classes. Thus we actively contribute to better working and living conditions.
  • We focus on growth. We are becoming more powerful by winnig new members, by integrating other organizations or by cooperating with other organizations. Thus we remain a strong voice.

Employees Switzerland - a responsible employer

  • Efficiency is our aim. We achieve it with lean management and sustainable operating processes. We are funded by member and service fees.
  • We guide our employees with modern management methods. Our employees are our most important resource. We advance their competences and their employability. Our working conditions are state-of-the-art.
  • Good cooperation is utterly important to us. We respect each other and we can rely on each other. We build on trust and openness.
  • We take responsibility. Our role as pioneer makes us proud. In public we represent the association and act respecitvely.

Employees Switzerland at a glance

Our mission: Advocate and voice of the employees

  • We act in the interest of the employees of the middle classes.
  • We support and accompany our members in their working life by offering modern services in the following fields: continuing education, working conditions and work life balance.
  • We lobby for the employees by seeking realistic and future-oriented solutions. To achieve our goals we cooperate with partners. We are independent from ideologies and political partners.

How we achieve our mission: our principles and our culture

  • We are constructive, reliable and future-oriented.
  • We prefer an open, respectful and objective dialogue.
  • We are proud to be a pioneer.
  • Our employees are our best resource.
  • We are efficient which keeps us independent.
  • We win new members with convincing arguments - and thus gain more influence.