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Membership Employees Switzerland


  • Creating the best possible working conditions
  • Sustain permanent employability
  • Negotiation, implementation and monitoring of collective employment agreements

Attractive services

  • Legal advice and protection
  • Massive reductions for training courses and further education
  • Reduced fees for health insurance and other insurances

Member fee

  • Individual members of all branches incl. members working in the machine industry without solidarity card pay CHF 150.- per year.
    Individual members working in the machine industry with solidarity card pay CHF 260.- per year. After handing in their solidarity card, they will receive a reimbursement of CHF 170.- (refund solidarity card: CHF 60.- and financial contribution: CHF 110.-). Net amount is CHF 150.-.
  • Pensioners pay 60 CHF per year. This fee is only available if the membership has been continued without interruption after retirement.
  • Apprentices/trainees (to 26 years) pay 30 CHF per year.
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Seven Secrets to Success in Switzerland

Arriving at your local office in Switzerland, you may see things being done slightly differently as a result of Swiss business culture. We’ll look at the most important local business practices to help you make a great first impression. 
  • How Swiss punctuality works
  • Careful what you say - it’s a promise!
  • How the Swiss replace top-down with bottom-up hierarchy
  • How can you motivate your Swiss colleagues?
  • The Swiss 0/98 performance culture
  • How consensus-driven decision-making works
  • Why do Swiss people love following rules?


Regina Reinhardt, senior coach / trainer and owner of Reinhardt Coaching


45 minutes presentation plus 15 minutes discussion

Date, time and place
Freely selectable; webinar or on-site presentation


Free of charge   for groups from member organizations and companies that are members of ASM
1'550 CHF         for groups from other member organizations of Employees Switzerland
2'000 CHF         for groups from other companies


Group size max. 12 persons 


Contact us by phone 044 340 11 11 or via