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Membership Employees Switzerland


  • Creating the best possible working conditions
  • Sustain permanent employability
  • Negotiation, implementation and monitoring of collective employment agreements

Attractive services

  • Legal advice and protection
  • Massive reductions for training courses and further education
  • Reduced fees for health insurance and other insurances

Member fee

  • Individual members of all branches incl. members working in the machine industry without solidarity card pay CHF 150.- per year.
    Individual members working in the machine industry with solidarity card pay CHF 260.- per year. After handing in their solidarity card, they will receive a reimbursement of CHF 170.- (refund solidarity card: CHF 60.- and financial contribution: CHF 110.-). Net amount is CHF 150.-.
  • Pensioners pay 60 CHF per year. This fee is only available if the membership has been continued without interruption after retirement.
  • Apprentices/trainees (to 26 years) pay 30 CHF per year.
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Advocate and voice of the employees

Labour & Law

Where can I find job regulations?

A contract is the starting point of any working relationship; the employer and the employee agree, that the employee shall work for the employer and receive money for his work. Contracts have to be in written form if the working relationship shall be of a longer term as one month or for an indefinite time.

A written contract contains certain regulations regarding the employment. However, not all rights and duties of the parties involved are stipulated in the contract. Some rules are found in legal regulations, such as the Swiss Code of Obligations, Labour law Act, the Gender Equality Act and other legal texts. Many regulations have been laid down by legislators to protect the party in the weaker position, the employee.

Your company’s in-house regulations and Collective Employment Agreements (if applicable) define further regulations of employment.

Your employment is ruled by the combination of all these regulations.

Social Security

In the course of being employed, every employee's income is affected by several social security insurances. For example, fees for unemployment benefits, pension funds, disabled schemes and other insurances are deducted from his salary. Employees are also insured in the case of accidents or illness.

On the following pages, you will find a host of important information regarding employment law and Collective Employment Agreements, as well as selected information around social security, the Bilateral Agreements and the European Works Council.

How do we help you?

If you have any problems with your employment, we support you in house with all legal matters and counseling which might be needed without any costs. We will analyse your contract in the beginning of your working relationship, we will support you while you are employed with any questions and in case of a termination of your employment we will support you with any legal actions in case of a wrongful termination against the employer (some costs up to 15% of the overall costs, see german or french website for more details).

So if you have any questions, feel free to become a member and profit from our professional legal support.