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Ask Pierre and Tanja about everything to do with the law. With Karin from training and Jan, our work psychologist, you stay fit at work. Claudia is the membership specialist and expert for all technical matters. Barbara and Judith will give you helpful initial advice on our association. Martina and Martin help around your bills. Anne-Valérie, Jasmin, Manuela and Tanja will always keep you well informed. You will hear from Monika if you are not a member yet and Karin and Stefan are leading the association. They are there if you have input on the future or if you want to network your company with us.

Alex, Bruce, Emilie, Martin, Robert, Daniel and Sara from the board will lead our family Employees Switzerland into the future.

Get in touch, we are looking forward to it!

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No more counting days until the weekend: Strategies and inspiration for a positive and stimulating work life - and for the balance you need.