Flooring Industry

Solid footing thanks to collective employment agreement.

Floor coverings shape your style

Expert advice and professional installation are key. Professionals are in demand in the flooring industry. In order to remain attractive for young professionals, Employees Switzerland and BodenSchweiz have developed fair and transparent working conditions for the entire industry.

With the collective employment agreement "GAV Boden" into the future

Employees Switzerland and BodenSchweiz have concluded a nationwide CEA for the flooring industry.

The CEA prevents dumping prices in the industry. It also prevents wage dumping and poor working conditions and thus protects the entire flooring industry.

  • Minimum wages (combating wage dumping)
  • Increasing the attractiveness of the industry
  • Further training opportunities
  • Professional approach to occupational health and safety (e.g. BodenFit industry solution to reduce accidents)

The CLA needs your support

  1. The CEA will only be strong if many floor layers become members of Employees Switzerland.
  2. The CEA will only be strong if in addition the majority of the companies join the employers' association BodenSchweiz.
  3. The agreement will come into force as soon as it has been declared generally binding by the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs.

Floor coverings decisively shape the style, appearance and well-being at home or in a commercial property. Professional advice and competent installation is only possible with strong professionals.

René Bossert President BodenSchweiz