Partnership with companies

Reliable employment conditions thanks to social partnership.

Good partnerships pay off

Angestellte Schweiz maintains social partnerships with various industries and companies.

  • We are the largest social partner in the MEM industry.
  • In companies in the chemical, pharmaceutical and biotech industries, we are a decisive contractual partner.
  • We maintain tailor-made partnerships with companies and jointly develop individual company collective labor agreements.

A win-win situation for employees and companies

  1. Employees benefit from reliable and transparent employment conditions.
  2. Companies remain attractive for skilled workers: with customized employment conditions, they are in tune with the times.
  3. Economic and social developments can be quickly adapted to the company.
  4. Both employees and companies receive a helpful tool to clarify the daily questions concerning employment, working hours, vacations, absences and termination.
  5. Personnel regulations, administration and participation are simplified and easy to understand.
  6. In the case of submissions, a social partnership increases trust and thus success.

In short: a social partnership with a company agreement saves time and promotes a positive corporate culture.