Chemical and pharmaceutical industry

Switzerland has a strong, innovative industry. The chemical and pharmaceutical sector plays a central role in this and is strongly export-oriented. More than half of Swiss exports are chemical-pharmaceutical products. Angestellte Schweiz is a long-standing social partner of companies in the chemical-pharmaceutical sector.

Chemical and pharmaceutical industry

The chemicals and pharmaceuticals industry generates roughly 50% of total annual exports and 5% of the GDP. There are approximately 1,000 industry operators, including two major multinationals.


Social partner in companies in the chemical, pharmaceutical and biotech industries

We are in a social partnership with various companies. Together we agree on the employment conditions of the company. Economic and social developments can thus be quickly adapted to the company's needs. The terms and conditions of employment are thus always in line with the times and industry-specific.


Companies value our expertise

We counsel companies concerning the possibilities of a company cooperation. We also offer our expertise as a social partner and counsel companies on issues relating to employment and personnel regulations.