Staff leasing and temporary work

Reliable employment conditions also for temporary employees.

Temporary work reliably implemented

Temporary work allows both employees and companies increased flexibility, especially with regard to the duration of the assignment.

The model offers short-term advantages for both sides:

  1. Job seekers often find their way back into the labor market through temporary work
  2. Unattached employees commit themselves for only a few months and thus remain flexible regarding their life model.
  3. Employing companies can cushion short-term peaks in demand
  4. Companies can outsource recruitment, administration and salary payments

Temporary work is the model for short-term and limited work assignments.

A transparent and reliable framework is essential.

The Collective Bargaining Agreement on Staff Leasing provides the necessary framework for the industry

  • Minimum wage standards
  • Sickness benefit insurance
  • 42-hour week
  • Free further training
  • Guidelines for the duration of the assignment

Employees Switzerland is a reliable social partner of the temporary employment industry and co-signatory of the Collective Bargaining Agreement on Staff Leasing.

Are you a temporary worker? As a member you get money back

Are you a member and temporarily employed?

As a member, you are entitled to reimbursement of execution costs that were deducted from your salary during your temporary employment.

You will find the amount of the deductions on your pay slip.

  • Reimbursement of up to max. 80% of the membership fee, depending on the duration of the assignment and the amount of the deductions.
  • Refunds up to max. 3 years retrospectively

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