Assembly of Delegates 2024

On 7 June, the delegates of Angestellte Schweiz met in Lucerne for their annual meeting. A review of the day and information you shouldn't miss.

New statutes, a chatbot for the MEM CEA and a new collaboration with Swiss Engineering: the 2024 Delegates' Assembly included many innovations for our members.

The venue for the leisure programme was the Swiss Museum of Transport in Lucerne.

Here is a summary of our highlights.

After the statutory part of the 2023 financial year, the focus of the meeting was on the current year's activities as well as the association's new developments and innovations.

Amendments to the Articles of Association

Over the past few months, the Executive Board and head office have continued to work intensively on the brand positioning of Employees Switzerland. The aim is to make our organisation more attractive, differentiate us from our competitors and convey an authentic and motivated image. Our aim is to strengthen our field of activity and consolidate our identity.

As part of this process, the Board has also reviewed the organisation's statutes and found that some of them no longer reflect current actions and motivations. ‘Angestellte Schweiz’ has evolved into a brand and repositioned itself.

For this reason, various changes to the statutes were proposed to the Assembly of Delegates. In addition to the consistent use of the brand name and grammatical adjustments, the Articles of Association were also harmonised with new framework conditions. This includes, for example, the possibility of holding hybrid meetings (Art. 10) or taking new information channels into account (Art. 25).

The delegates approved the amendments, which do not entail any material changes and therefore do not restrict the rights of the delegates.

Cooperation with Swiss Engineering: Attractive dual membership

We are delighted to announce our new partnership with Swiss Engineering - the leading interdisciplinary platform for engineers and architects in Switzerland. As a professional association with around 12,000 members, Swiss Engineering is comparable in size to our own organisation.

Both organisations are now offering an extremely attractive dual membership at a discounted price. This exclusive offer enables engineers from all sectors who are already members of our organisation to benefit from Swiss Engineering's extensive professional network. At the same time, Swiss Engineering members receive access to all Angestellte Schweiz services.

Take advantage of this unique opportunity and benefit from the advantages of both associations! Registration for dual membership takes place exclusively via the Swiss Engineering portal.

Chatbot and avatar

The new chatbot and avatar ‘Kaiu’ from Employees Switzerland was also presented at the delegates' meeting. This chatbot, the only one of its kind in Switzerland to date, answers questions about the collective labour agreement for the mechanical and electrical engineering industries (CLA MEM) in four languages in real time. It is based on ChatGPT 4.0 technology.

With the new chatbot and avatar, Angestellte Schweiz is taking a decisive step towards the future. By facilitating access to important information, we are helping employees to better understand and implement their rights and obligations.

Put our avatar to the test!

It will answer your questions about working conditions in the mechanical, electrical and metal industry in real time.

Roger Oberholzer

Strategy Director at Kuble AG and Kaiu's father

Leisure time and sightseeing

After lunch at the Richemont Competence Centre, the more than sixty participants had the pleasure of exploring the Lucerne Museum of Transport. Networking over a cosy aperitif rounded off the day. Angestellte Schweiz remains agile!

Participation in the Assembly of Delegates is important in order to obtain information, participate in decisions, establish contacts and represent one's own interests.

It provides a platform for the exchange of opinions and ideas and enables members to actively participate in decisions.

We would like to thank all participants and look forward to 2025!


Anne-Valérie Geinoz

Anne-Valérie Geinoz