Checklists: five effective cheat sheets!

Are our memory problems due to advancing age? Or the fact that we increasingly rely on technology to think and remember for us? Here are five effective memory aids to train your memory and remember not to forget anything.

Technology is taking the pressure off our daily lives and our diaries, taking on more and more everyday tasks: daily reminders, alarm clocks, the number of steps and exercises required to stay in shape, even an app that reminds you to drink enough glasses of water!

But by letting our smartphone manage our daily tasks, aren't we in danger of letting our memory rust without training it?

Our brain is like a muscle, and we shouldn't forget to take it to the gym from time to time. Training your memory is good exercise for the mind: stay sharp, and banish memory lapses from your head with these five 'Post-it' tips.

"I have a fantastic memory for forgetting things."

Groucho Marx

You can take physical, mental and environmental action. Here are five tips to get your memory working!

  1. Sudoku and crossword puzzles are not just for your great-aunt on Sunday afternoons. These brain sports train your memory and your sense of logic. It's never too late to become a chess champion!
  2. Sport and physical activity help you to stay active in body and mind. Idleness and a sedentary lifestyle soften your brain. Building up your biceps and calves also builds up your head! So put on your jogging shoes and go for a walk around the block.
  3. Eat walnuts. Walnut kernels look like little brains: does eating them make us smarter? Although it's a myth, there are foods rich in omega-3s that boost your brain power: go out and buy oily fish like salmon or tuna. Are you a vegetarian? Try vegetable oils (rapeseed, avocado).
  4. Get some sleep! A good night's sleep brings you a host of benefits and an unsuspected balance: sleep is good for your health. Waking up rested helps you think clearly and tackle the day in a positive way.
  5. Learn in a fun way. Play memory games, learn a language or simply list the capitals of the countries of Latin America: take up the game of mental management exercises and discover new techniques for learning and remembering.


Anne-Valérie Geinoz

Anne-Valérie Geinoz