How to Learn Easily into Old Age

You can learn well into old age - not in a worse way, but in a different way than when you were younger. Our tips will help you succeed.

Stay curious and open. Your brain also needs new impulses to stay fit.

  • Don't be afraid of new things. You can learn this no worse than young people.
  • Make an effort. Set yourself difficult and complex tasks. This is the only way to gain real learning.
  • Draw on your vast experience.
  • Combine your experience and your vast knowledge with the new learning material.
  • Train not only your brain, but also your body. This helps your brain to form more connections between neurons.
  • Exchange ideas with other learners - it's motivating!
  • Actively apply what you have learned in your life. This keeps it present.
  • Keep on learning. Then your brain will break down less quickly and learning will become easier and easier.
  • Enjoy what you have learned and the knowledge you have gained from it and be proud of it.


Hansjörg Schmid

Hansjörg Schmid