Care and pension solution

Would you like to live in your own four walls in retirement? With good planning and financial provision, you can fulfill this wish for a self-determined life. Together with Berner Kantonalbank, Visana supports you with its assistance and pension solution that is unique in Switzerland.

More pension provision and less taxes - the most favorable way to an independent life in old age!

As the first health insurance company in Switzerland, Visana, in cooperation with BEKB, offers you as a member a pension solution based on the 3rd pillar. It covers both the need for financial security and for cost-effective assistance services in old age, and is thus a tax-privileged capital investment and an assistance solution at the same time. You benefit from a comprehensive catalog of discounted assistance services offered by selected partners throughout Switzerland.


One new idea, many advantages

With the money you have saved in your third pillar, you can take advantage of discounted assistance benefits from pension age, provided you have taken out a third pillar pension account with our partner bank BEKB via Visana. The use of these services is free of charge.

You only have to select the assistance benefits when you want to use them, based on your actual needs.

When your savings capital is exhausted, you can continue to receive services at preferential rates, although you will have to bear the associated costs yourself.

Your financial freedom remains guaranteed, as the capital you have saved can be used to cover other needs at any time after you retire.

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