As a member, you and your family benefit from up to 10% discount on KPT supplementary insurances.

Who can benefit?

Members, family members and persons living in the same household, including children up to the age of 25. Maximum entry age: 70 years. Retired persons can remain in the contract.


Alternative insurance models


Save time and money thanks to telemedicine and medication dispatch with up to 20% discount.


With the popular family doctor model you benefit from up to 26% discount

You choose your family doctor from a medical center and get up to 17% discount

You stay flexible with telemedicine and family doctor and get up to 30% discount


Your plus with KPT

5-10% collective discount. With KPT, you and all family members in the same household receive a 10% discount on the popular supplementary insurances Hospital, Health Care Plus and Health Care Comfort.


Save even more

You can get even more discount if you use the customer portal KPTnet: You will receive a 5% online discount on supplementary insurances. In addition, we grant you a loyalty discount of 6.7% when you take out a health care or hospital costs insurance policy for three years. In addition, we offer a 1% discount if you pay your premiums annually in advance. And families benefit from generous family discounts starting with the 3rd child.


Generous health contributions

With the supplementary insurances Hospital and Nursing-Comfort, you benefit from up to 600 Swiss francs annually for healthy and preventive behavior. KPT pays contributions towards your fitness subscription, nutritional advice and much more.

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