Thanks to our collective agreement, as a member you and your family benefit from up to 9% discount on supplementary insurance from the Sanitas Group and from attractive health programs.

Who can benefit?

Family members and persons living in the same household, including children up to the age of 25. Maximum entry age: 64 years. Members already insured under the collective contract prior to retirement may remain under the contract.



Medical Private                       9%

Accident Extra Liberty           7%

Accident Top Liberty             5%

Hospital Comfort                   7%

Hospital Comfort Liberty     7%

Hospital Private                     5%

Hospital Private Liberty        5%

Hirslanden Care                     5%

Hospital Extra Liberty           7%

Hospital Top Liberty              5%



All basic insurance plans offer the same benefits, regardless of the basic insurance model. But you can simply decide with your choice of insurance who you want to turn to first when you have health questions. The more costs can be saved in a model through optimal treatment paths, the higher the premium discount compared to the standard model:


Medbase MultiAccess: Medbase's expert network as a medical point of contact and 12 to 18% discount.

NetMed: Initial consultation in a practice from a medical network and 7 to 18% discount

CareMed: Initial consultation with your family doctor and 7 to 10% discount

CallMed: Flexible treatment plan after initial telemedical consultation and 7 to 14% discount

Compact One: Binding treatment plan after initial telemedical consultation and 9 to 27% discount


Here you can calculate your premium savings potential!