Members get solidarity contribution refunded

Your solidarity card is worth money. Submit it quickly.

What is a solidarity card and how does it work?

Membership with a solidarity card pays off

Thanks to the MEM Industry CEA and your solidarity card, you benefit from discounted membership of Angestellte Schweiz, because your solidarity card is worth money.


Up to CHF 182 reimbursement per year for our members from the CEA MEM industry

The benefits of the MEM Industry CEA are financed by a solidarity contribution. CHF 5 per month is deducted directly from the wages of all employees subject to the MEM CEA (Art. 4).

Our members receive this solidarity contribution back. In addition, annual allowances are paid out thanks to the MEM CEA. Membership is therefore very attractive for members with a solidarity card.

Please send us your original solidarity card (blue or yellow background), which you will receive from your employer.

Submit your solidarity card now!

Read here how you can get your refund in four steps:

  1. Check your payslip to see if CHF 5 per month is deducted from your salary.
  2. Make sure that your employer gives you your solidarity card at the beginning of each year.
  3. Send the solidarity card to Employees Switzerland. We will do the accounting for you.
  4. As a member, we will reimburse you up to CHF 182 (reimbursement of solidarity contributions of CHF 60 from the previous year and allowance of up to CHF 122).

Send us your solidarity card by mail to:

Employees Switzerland
Martin-Disteli-Strasse 9
P.O. Box 234
4601 Olten

If you missed handing it in in the previous years: you can submit your annual solidarity card up to 5 years back. Condition is that you were a member in these years.

You are not a member yet?

No problem, take out a membership now for 260.- per year and hand in your solidarity card.

In doing so, you will strengthen yourself and the CEA MEM industry at the same time. Because a CEA is only possible thanks to the members of organizations like Angestellte Schweiz! Without members on the employee side, there will not be a CEA. Become a member and give yourself and other employees a strong voice.


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