‘Kaiu’ - Questions about the MEM CEA

Imagine being sick and not getting paid? Kaiu answers your questions about working conditions in the engineering industry in real time.

It answers your questions about working conditions in the mechanical, electrical and metal industry in real time.

Unique to date - chatbot for the MEM CEA

Our chatbot with avatar is the only one of its kind in Switzerland. It provides you with information based on the collective labour agreement for the mechanical and electrical engineering industries (CEA MEM). This complex document is difficult to understand for many employees and only a few know the entire content. Our aim is to make this important information easily accessible and easy to understand.

Digital helper in everyday working life

Whether you're at work or on the move, you can write your questions into the chatbot or talk directly to Kaiu, our avatar - in four languages: German, English, French or Italian.

We also offer an augmented reality version of Kaiu that you can use conveniently on your mobile phone. This gives you the opportunity to have Kaiu by your side wherever you are. All versions are available to you at any time and provide you with the answers you need in no time.

Partner for employee representation

Our chatbot is also a valuable resource for employee representatives (ERs). If you, as an employee representative, want to give your colleagues the best possible advice, the chatbot will help you find the relevant information quickly and accurately.

Why did we at Angestellte Schweiz implement this project?

With our new chatbot and avatar, we are taking a relevant step towards the future. By facilitating access to important information and improving communication, we are helping you and your colleagues to better understand and implement your rights and obligations.

As an organisation, we find ourselves in a field of tension between artificial intelligence (AI) and traditional trade union work. AI influences forms of work and labour rights. But we also use AI. Our aim is to provide our members with more targeted support in the long term and to respond better to their individual needs.

In cooperation

Angestellte Schweiz is launching the chatbot and avatar in collaboration with Kuble AG, Zurich. Kuble is a leader in the implementation of state-of-the-art AI and virtual reality technologies in the corporate environment. Two and a half years ago, Kuble launched the Metaverse Academy, which offers further training and practical workshops on the topics of AI, Metaverse and Web3.

More information?

If you can't find enough information, have questions or feedback for us, please contact the team at Angestellte Schweiz. You can find our contact details on our website. We look forward to hearing from you.

Artificial intelligence can no longer be stopped. This makes it all the more important that we advocate a sensible approach to it. From our point of view, this means the world of work:

  • Workers must be well informed. AI influences forms of work and labour rights. Fair and equitable working models are our goal.
  • AI will replace traditional jobs and create new ones. Retraining and further training of the labour force are crucial.
  • Higher profits from AI should be distributed fairly among employees.
  • Privacy protection and clear guidelines for handling data are necessary.
  • We are committed to dignity and culture in the world of work. The human aspect and creativity must continue to be valued and encouraged.
  • Employees must be involved in decision-making processes relating to the use of AI.
  • Ethics is a major issue for us. The use of AI should be transparent, fair and responsible.
  • The use of AI will eliminate jobs, but it will also create new professional fields and employment opportunities.