As a member, you and your family benefit from a 10 % discount on Visana Group supplementary hospital insurance.

Who can benefit?

Family members and persons living in the same household, including children up to the age of 25. Maximum entry age: 64 years. Retired persons can remain in the contract.



Further advantages thanks to the collective agreement

Thanks to the group contract, you automatically benefit from additional points with myPoints, Visana's digital bonus program. Your annual bonus can thus amount to CHF 150 instead of CHF 120.



The most favorable way to independent living in old age

Visana is the first health insurance company in Switzerland to offer a pension solution based on the third pillar in cooperation with BEKB. This covers the need for financial security and affordable care services in old age at the same time, i.e. it is both a tax-privileged capital investment and a care solution. You benefit from a comprehensive catalog of discounted care services from selected partners throughout Switzerland.