25% discount on your pet insurance

Whether it's a dog or a cat, give your four-legged friend optimum medical care and a long, happy life. Take advantage of a one-off 25% discount when you take out "wau-miau" pet insurance.

wau-miau pet insurance

With wau-miau’s unique insurance and service package, you and your pet are optimally insured.

Your advantages

  • Choice of products based entirely on your needs
  • Sickness and accident insurance for the entire year
  • Comprehensive services in alternative and complementary medicine
  • Exclusive coverage
  • Unlimited insurance amounts
  • Free choice of deductible

Find out more about the products on the website: wau-miau.ch

As a member, you can use this link to receive a one-off 25% discount when taking out wau-miau pet insurance.