What Moves You Moves Our New Website

Agile, reliable, helpful – this is the promise of Employees Switzerland. On our new dynamic website it is implemented.

We are all experiencing the challenges of the new worlds of work. That's exciting, but it can also make you feel insecure as a professional or even trigger your fears. You will certainly have countless questions.

Employees Switzerland helps you find answers. We give you orientation and show you the opportunities and possibilities in the new working worlds.

We Are the Experts for the New Working Worlds

As an organization, we face change – and change ourselves accordingly. That's how we keep our finger on the pulse of the working world and the needs of professionals. We consistently align our services with these needs – from the provision of knowledge to support in legal matters.

This makes us competent experts for the new working worlds. And a reliable partner at your side with many helpful offers.

Your Needs Are the Focus of the New Website

The new website of Employees Switzerland is also geared towards your needs. There you will find everything you need – quickly, easily and conveniently. And you will discover interesting facts that are worth knowing.

In the following, we explain how we have structured the website so that it can fulfill this function.

Orientation by Topics

The website of Employees Switzerland is structured by topics. We have carefully considered what concerns you as a professional, as an employee. Because this must also move us as an organization for professionals!

Our website is structured along these main topics:

  • Work better
  • Developing professionally
  • Shaping the future

The main topics are in turn divided into sub-topics. Under "Working better", for example, you'll find everything you need to know about "Work and health" or "Reconciling work, family and leisure". Under "Shaping the future" you'll discover what you need to know about "New forms of working”.

Manuela shows you where to find what your are looking for

Find here a list of all subtopics

Work better:

  • Reconciling work, family and leisure
  • Working atmosphere and culture
  • Work and health
  • Legal counseling

Developing professionally:

  • Planning your career
  • Further training
  • Leading and managing
  • Salary guide
  • Compact knowledge

Shaping the future:

  • New forms of working
  • Change in economy and society
  • Providing for later
  • Resources and environment
  • The political voice of employees

Your Compass for the Modern Working World

All our articles, offers and services are consistently assigned to these topics. This makes it easy for you to find your way around our website. Further articles or offers in line with the topic you are currently dealing with are suggested to you. Thus, you won't miss any aspects that could also be important or interesting for you.

We have summarized particularly moving topics such as "Working healthy and balanced" or "Sustainability in working life" in dossiers for you. There you can find comprehensive and in-depth information.

With the topic-oriented structure of our new website, we give you orientation in a working world that has become more and more perplexing.

New content on a regular basis

The new website currently provides you with a lot of relevant content. We will continue to expand it and make it even more helpful for you.

We will be publishing more articles and adding new offers at a rapid pace. We also plan to add more dossiers on exciting topics. You will also find more cool videos.

So visit our website regularly!

Give us feedback!

Do you miss anything on the new website of Employees Switzerland? Do you find something less good? Give us feedback so that we can make the website even better for you!




Hansjörg Schmid

Hansjörg Schmid