Work meaningfully

Here you'll find a wide range of articles on the meaning of work.

Being productive, performing well and earning a good salary at the end of the month are all well and good. But isn't the most important thing to have a meaningful job?


Finding meaning in your job

Now more than ever, people are constantly searching for meaning in their lives, both professionally and personally.

If you can understand your mission and your role in the company, commit to it and develop your skills, that's a recipe for success: you'll be able to tackle your tasks with enthusiasm and lift mountains, when you know why you're doing it.


Logic & common sense for employees

Employés Suisse has put together this dossier on the theme of "working meaningfully", and hopes to provide you with some insights and expertise on the meaning we attribute to our professional activities in the modern world.

Find the answers to your questions here, and discover some innovative ways of doing things the right way!

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