What Does Life-Domain Balance Mean?

Bringing the different areas of one's life into harmony ensures well-being and health.

For a long time, this principle was called work-life balance – work and leisure time should be balanced, so to speak, so that neither would come up short.

People Have Different Areas of Life

In recent years, and especially with the flexibilization of many forms of work, there has been a growing awareness that work and leisure as opposite poles do not do justice to reality. People have different areas of life: Gainful employment, parenthood, leisure time, volunteer work, etc. Dividing people into the categories of "work" and "everything else" does not do justice to the different roles a person takes on in his or her life.

Life-Domain Balance Instead of Work-Life Balance

This is why people are increasingly talking about the so-called life-domain balance. This model makes it possible to take a concrete look at the individual areas of one's life and see how they are developing and how much attention they currently need. In this way, it should be better possible to shape the different parts well and healthily.


Ariane Modaressi