How to create a good working atmosphere

Coffee kitchen meets barbecue fun: shared experiences strengthen team spirit and contribute to a pleasant working atmosphere. Summer is the perfect time for team events. We have tips for you on how you can positively influence the working atmosphere.

What makes a good working environment?

The "working climate" goes far beyond the room temperature in the office and defines the atmosphere in which we work every day. A positive working environment is characterised by a supportive and motivating team. It is the way we interact, communicate and support each other

This doesn't just affect bosses - each and every one of us has an influence on it. And the solution shared experiences because true harmony is not only created through office conversations or virtual meetings, but above all through shared experiences. It doesn't always have to be an expensive outing, but can also be an experience in familiar surroundings. We give you tips on how you can positively influence the working atmosphere in your company. 

Let our tips inspire you and put them into practice next week

  1. Throw a barbecue on the office terrace: everyone can bring their own favourite barbecue item. Enjoy a meal together in the open air.
  2. Martial arts, yoga or dance class. Do you have different hobbies in your teams? Why not introduce the team to what you do in your free time over lunch. Share your passion and strengthen the team spirit
  3. Ice cream party in the office: Treat yourselves to a delicious ice cream in the office, it can also be from the kiosk around the corner.
  4. Hawaiian party after work: Put on colourful Hawaiian shirts, mix non-alcoholic cocktails, redesign the office and dance to summery beats Leave the daily grind behind you

Team events reduce stress

Experts in occupational psychology also confirm this: Team events are important from a psychological point of view, as they have numerous positive effects on the dynamics and well-being within a team.

«Team events help to improve communication and reduce stress. Team events also promote social support, i.e. support from work colleagues or friends. This provides the most important buffer for work-related stress.»

Jan Borer Occupational Psychologist

From a labour law perspective

Participation in such team events must be voluntary. If the team events are self-organised, they are not primarily working time.

«If meals and other gatherings are organised on the company premises, we recommend clarifying in advance what company rules or house rules apply and, if necessary, obtaining a permit.»

Pierre Derivaz Lawyer

We hope you enjoy your next team event!


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