Tailored Career Planning in a Practical Test

Volkhard Ammon analyzed his CV with the Career Booster – and is thrilled. He talks about his experiences and how he uses his findings to plan his future career.

Mr. Ammon, how did you find out about the Career Booster?

I read about it, first in the magazine of Angestellte ABB, then in the former member magazine of Employees Switzerland. I was especially curious about the analysis functions – it really sounded like an ingenious tool. So I just wanted to try it out.

How did you use Career Booster?

First, I uploaded my CV and activated the job search. I often used the matching between my profile and the required skills in advertised jobs, which is very informative. I then experimented with different search criteria and tried out how, for example, changing the language selection affects the job offers.

“The result fits amazingly well, I would not have thought that.”

Volkhard Ammon User of the Career Booster

I also did the CV check. This was followed by the recommendation that I should expand my skills in project and quality management. This suggestion was very coherent for me.

What was your overall experience with the tool?

The result fits amazingly well, I would not have thought that. Above all, it saves a lot of time when the CV is already matched with the requirements of the jobs in advance.

If I enter "design engineer" as a search term on common job portals, for example, many unsuitable results appear. Often, the results also suggest jobs in areas where I tend to have my weaknesses.

This is not the case with a prior match in Career Booster. Here, I don't have to enter any search words at all, because my skills are already picked out from the uploaded resume. I find this aspect super!

Which insights were particularly important for you?

First and foremost, certainly that I should focus my resume even more on quality and project management. Since I would like to work at a Swiss location, the analysis showed me: It would be important for me to improve my French skills. The language enhancement obviously opens up more opportunities in terms of job offers.

How do you put your findings into practice now?

At the moment, I'm booking all my courses for this year, so I'll definitely consider a course in project management. As soon as I have some time again, I want to tackle that.

As for quality management, I don't know yet if I want to plan a big training course in this area. I could have taken a course to become an FMEA facilitator, but that wasn't the direction I wanted to go. Professionally, I mainly want to get more connected to the design and construction areas.

“The Career Booster gives me good pointers on where I should develop further.”

Volkhard Ammon User of the Career Booster

But the Career Booster gives me good pointers on where I should develop further. And, of course, I will improve my French this year.

Can you recommend the Career Booster to others?

It's definitely worthwhile, even beyond the job search. I gained a lot of insight into where I could develop by thoroughly reviewing and evaluating my CV – but also the encouragement to be really clear about what I specifically want to achieve.

I will definitely use the tool again and proceed in a similar way as before. Once I have completed the planned further training, I will analyze my CV again using the CV check, also with regard to the newly acquired skills. I will then use the comparison as a new position determination.

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Hansjörg Schmid

Hansjörg Schmid