Stephan Bachmann: «This Is the Biggest Technological Leap in Human History»

Together with Employees Switzerland, entrepreneur and AI pioneer Stephan Bachmann has developed an online course that will prepare you for the future.

Who should definitely sign up for the course and why?

Stephan Bachmann: Anyone who wants to remain relevant in their professional field, not only today but also in the future, should seriously consider this course. Web3 and AI are not just important for management. Every position, from clerical to engineering, will be impacted by these technologies. The technological leap we are currently experiencing is the biggest I have ever seen. It will completely change the way we humans interact with computers. It affects every one of us. These developments open up unimagined opportunities in all industries. The knowledge gained from this course will help you to recognize and seize these opportunities. It is about gaining in-depth knowledge and understanding to be able to use the tools and opportunities that technology offers us.

For many, meeting only online and learning mostly through self-study is a new form of learning.

I can understand why people may wonder whether this works at all. But online learning and self-study work particularly well when supported by the right resources and communities. This course is designed to combine practical knowledge with flexibility. Participants are given clear learning objectives and comprehensive support, resulting in an effective and insightful learning experience.

If you're interested, sign up now!
The course starts on March 04. Register here:

Most of our members are in the chemical/pharmaceutical, mechanical, electrical and metal industries. Why is the course relevant to them?

Technologies such as Web3 and AI can fundamentally change these industries. Transparency, efficiency and innovation are key aspects addressed by the course. Whether it's tracking supply chains in the pharmaceutical industry or the use of automated systems in production, a basic understanding of these technologies will expand participants' skills and innovation potential.

You are a pioneer in working with AI and a big fan. Why are you so convinced of the benefits of AI?

AI is a game changer as it enables us to solve complex problems faster and more effectively than ever before. It has the potential to optimize workflows, make predictive maintenance in production facilities more predictable and improve decisions through data-driven insights. In every professional field, there are use cases for AI that advance both the company and its employees. The course empowers each individual to be part of this exciting development.

All the answers to your questions

What technical requirements do I need?
All you need is a computer or tablet with internet access. Everything can be used browser-based.

Do I need specific qualification to take part?
No, the course is open to anyone interested.

Is there a final exam?
Each learning module of our course contains several quizzes that serve to consolidate the participants' understanding and check their learning progress. Upon successful completion of all course content, participants receive a certificate attesting to their newly acquired knowledge of Web3 and AI.

How is the course structured?
There are 3 main modules: Web3, NFT and AI. There are also some sub-areas such as tools for setting up the Discord server. The course languages are English and German. The whole course is self-study. Of course, you will not be left alone if you have questions: There are 12 moderated meetings each Thursday over lunch, an opportunity for exchange and questions. There is also technical support.

What's special: Everyone can complete the course at their own pace – be it intensively in 4 weeks or be it spread over several months. The course and the online Q&A sessions are available for 12 months.

What does the course cost?
For members of Angestellte Schweiz, the course worth over CHF 4000 is free of charge.

How can I become a member?
It's simple: you can become a member here.

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Stephan Bachmann

Stephan Bachmann is an entrepreneur and former CEO of DAAily platforms, the largest online community for architecture and design. He is passionate about helping organisations use modern technology to solve problems. He is the co-founder of Dogs&Eggs, a consulting firm that supports managers, teams and organisations on their way into the new world of work.


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